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Gutter Cleaning, Eavestrough Cleaning, Cleaning Gutters, professionals, Hastings, Michigan
Pressure Washing, house washing, washing, siding, in Hastings, Michigan

Pressure Washing

If you want to get rid of all the grime and dirt that accumulates outside your house’s exterior in no time, power washing should be on top of your list. Power washing or pressure washing is the use of a high-pressure water spray to loosen chewing gum, dirt, dust, grime, mud, or paint from structures, concrete surfaces, and vehicles.

Gutter Cleaning, Eavestrough Cleaning, Cleaning Gutters, professionals, Hastings, Michigan

Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters can accumulate mounds of debris in a short amount of time. Water will not be able to drain or flow properly if you don’t clean your gutters on a regular basis. The water buildup can potentially damage the roofing system and weaken its structure. Clogged gutters can also cause water to seep down to your home’s foundation and weaken or damage it. Your basement or ground floor might experience problems as well.

Roof Washing, Soft Washing, washing roofs, professionals in Hastings, Michigan

Soft Washing/Low-Pressure Washing

Soft washing, or low-pressure roof washing, is the utilization of low pressure to administer a cleaning solution formula. You then let the solution stand to give it time to break down dirt and grime before rinsing it all away.


Window Cleaning, window washing, cleaning, cleaners, window cleaners, professional in Hastings, Michigan

Window Cleaning

One of the goals of Day Star Exterior Cleaning is to develop long term relationships and provide premier services at a good price. You can add value to your property by getting rid of any unwanted dirt or grime buildup.

Gutter Stick Dealer

Gutter Cleaning, Eavestrough Cleaning, Cleaning Gutters, professionals, Hastings, Michigan

Onsite Mobile Fleet Washing

Environmentally conscious
Superb customer service
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Reasons We are Loved By Our Clients…

We are Family

Day Star is a family-owned and operated local service that strives to help its customers keep their homes looking pristine. The service provider knows the only way to grow in this business is through outstanding quality and service.

Fully Insured

It’s hard to avoid accidents, regardless of the business. Why risk working with services that are not insured when you can have a fully licensed, insured, and bonded one. Day Star is confident it can legally protect the client from any accidents that could happen while John is working around the property

Over a Decade of Experience

Clients love Day Star Exterior Cleaning for its many years of experience in pressure washing and window cleaning and its mandate to always provide unmatched customer service. If you’re in the Coos Bay or its surrounding areas, Day Star is the service to call for all your pressure washing and window cleaning needs.

Uniformed Technician

A technician in flip flops and board shorts doesn’t generate the same kind of trust and confidence as an expert wearing a clean uniform. Aside from looking presentable, Day Star’s technician knows where the project is and what should be done to succeed in the project.

Trusted by Your Friendly Neighbors

A true measure of a service’s worth lies in what previous clients have to say. Day Star customers are always keen to recommend the service to their friends and family in the Coos Bay area. The cleaning service has generated such goodwill that many of its clients are comfortable to give Day Star access to their homes.


100% Streak Free Guarantee

Very few businesses in the cleaning industry can guarantee that every project is 100% streak-free. Day Star is the exception. It already has a stable and systematized process in place, ensuring that every customer receives consistent service. The guarantee holds true regardless of whether the customer is a major corporation or a homeowner with a small backyard task. As a sign of its commitment, Day Star demands that its customers oversee or check the work quality. No money will change hands unless the client is happy with the result.

Professional Window Cleaning Services

What Can Day Star Do for You?

Your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life. It’s also a vital part of your family’s lives. It’s not surprising that you have a high standard when it comes to your property. This is why Day Star is the best choice when it comes to cleaning your exteriors. The cleaning provider is committed to following stringent work processes and unmatched customer service.

Every success kicks off with the right people. Day Star’s technician isn’t a simple laborer, he’s one of the best-trained cleaners around. There’s even a certification program in place to check how any new employee advances in terms of skill.

Day Star focuses on more than technical prowess. It also places a spotlight on customer service and satisfaction. Add German developed tools to the mix, along with the latest equipment, and you’re left with a combination that wins whichever way you look at it.

Professional Pressure Washing

How Pressure Washing Helps

There are several pressure washing methods that are utilized to cover a variety of surfaces. Some of these methods, along with different types of machinery, are developed to blast surfaces like driveways and sidewalks with intense pressure in order to remove grime and dirt.

Industry professionals have developed techniques and specialized accessories to help safeguard the client’s property while leaving it meticulously clean at the end of the project.

You only pay if you are satisfied!

We stand behind our services and the results, and we want you to know it. We confidently stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee so you know that if you’re not happy with the service, we will correct the issue at no charge to you.

Our 5-Star promise to you

From the very first time that you contact us, our team will keep you fully informed on the details of the service, and even be as flexible as possible to work with your busy schedule. we will not “just deliver”, but will go above and beyond to give you a level of service you wouldn’t expect from a home service business.

We carry $1 million in liability insurance

It’s important for us to be fully licensed and insured, and everyone that works here is an employee, not a subcontractor. Our team is the best and we know they will provide you with exceptional service! We specialize in property enhancement and promise to care for your property like it’s ours.

Professional Gutter Cleaning

Why Do I Need My Gutters Cleaned?

Poor drainage is not the only consequence of not cleaning your gutters. Debris and water build up attracts pests, insects, and parasites. It can also become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, ultimately being very hazardous to your family’s health. Waiting too long to get your gutters cleaned can also cause them to rust and deteriorate prematurely.

This will lead to you needing to replace your gutters years earlier than if they were properly maintained on a regular basis. Replacing your gutters is far more expensive than regular cleanings.

Call Day Star Exterior Cleaning for a complete and thorough gutter cleaning. You will be protecting your most valuable assets, your house along with your family’s health.

Low Pressure Washing/Soft Washing

What’s a Lower Pressure Roof Wash?

Softwashing is a process consisting of applying a cleaning solution, letting the solution dwell giving it time to do the hard work, and then rinsing the grime away. Lichen, moss, mold, mildew, algae, road grime and dirt don’t stand a chance against soft washing and low pressure washing.

Softwashing is very effective for roofs, siding, signs, and various types of exteriors that can’t handle high pressure methods. Thankfully, we can help you with all of these things!

“We strive to provide the best window cleaning and pressure washing experiences within our local proximity by using top of the line equipment, stringently training in the latest and safest techniques and methods, and holding a standard of quality that can’t be matched by our competitors. We will grow to meet the demand in the marketplace, employing only the most qualified, enthusiastic, and friendly individuals to provide a service which exceeds all others in both cost effectiveness, and most of all, VALUE.” 

– John Dooley

Day Star Exterior Cleaning Services


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Locally owned and operated, Day Star Exterior Cleaning is equipped to help your home dazzle like diamonds. We are experienced in exterior cleaning and have all the tools available to provide homeowners and businesses with an affordable service that adds value to your home.


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